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Acting ☻

I am an aspiring actor and I hope to do some professional acting in the future

There are already a few acting roles that I have played, I did a lot of acting and shadow plays during my last years of elementary school!

Here is a list of roles I played!!!!

  • during 6th grade I played Tarzan in my 5th grade musical called Pudding Tarzan, based on the book written by Ole Lund Kirkegaard

  • I played a Time Travel Dude in a skit I made in 6th grade, I think the first year of 6th grade since I had to repeat 6th grade ☹

  • besides playing humans I also played a butterfly for a shadow play about bugs, I remember crafting bugs from paper and taping them to sticks and everyone got mad at me because I was not helping them but I was too scared to ask them what to do and they told me I could go away and went to my desk sad, I may or may not have started crying and I don't think my teacher saw me cry but he asked me why I was not working on the shadow play and he went to the group and asked them what to do and I ended up making a really cool butterfly and the rest got jealous that I got to play the butterfly and they didn't hahahahah take that

  • My first LEAD ROLE was Little Pete in a skit made for Saint Nicholas Day where I played a boy that was on the naughty list and had to be taken to Spain. I felt really famous because I had the lead role but I was also the bad guy from the play and that was not fun so please don't typecast me as bad guy because I am a nice guy I promise

  • My friend came up with a skit for a school party where I played a Rich Dude in a mansion (the class party was in a big house) and my butler would constantly mess up my demands and throw water in my face

  • One of the roles that made me look really cool was playing one of the rappers in the musical The Rapper, The Nerd and The girl written by Jan de Waard I did some rapping on stage and I'm not even a rapper

  • Speaking of Saint Nicholas Day, during my first year of 6th grade I played Climbing Peter in a play about Saint Nicholas Day where I taught another Peter how to climb into chimneys, we played this to kids from 1st and 2nd grade and it was really funny because they laughed a lot at our scenes

  • The second year of 6th grade I played Saint Nicholas himself! I walked into the class and none of my classmates noticed it was me, I had knitted my dreadlocks in front of my face as some kind of beard and worn the costume. The kids from class thought Saint Nicholas became really tan because he lives in Spain

  • We had dancing classes at our elementary school and at the end of the school year we always had to perform a dance for the whole school and in 6th grade I wanted to join the Special Dance which was the extra dance performance next to the one that we already had to do and it was really cool, it was a fairytale themed dance and the girls wore dresses while the boys had wings to their backs, we had to stay at school during Friday afternoons to rehearse the dance. I thought it was cool.

  • Me and my friends came up with a skit where I played a cookie salesman who got into an argument with someone at the door and the police showed up and asked us to start at the beginning me and the other kid then made explosion sounds as joke that we started with the big bang! I was kinda scared to make that joke because the 1st & 2nd grade and the principal of the elementary school were watching the play and I thought the principal would get angry at us

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