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Hello, I have been surfing on the World Wide Web for nearly two decades now ever since I learned how to write a url in the address bar.

This is me logging into the world wide web for the first time minutes after being birthed.

Most of my early internet activity consisted of me posting my random thoughts and cheesy jokes on online message boards. I have since moved on to the stage and social media. Although I occasionally log into message boards because it's still a fun place to hang out.
I am trying to expand my writing in the form of stand up comedy or poetry and have had some opportunities to perform my material live on stage!

Here's an impression of me outside of the internet (Very boring!!!!)

Besides writing, I also love communicating through other forms of art, such as:
Visual art, Music, and Performance


Name: Caesár
Born: Yes.
Hobbies: Surfing the web, making art, listening to music
Location: World Wide Web
Occupation: Being myself
Dream: Become immortal

Here are some pictures of me, hello!

One was taken in Luxembourg, the other one was taken after I came back from Luxembourg 6 months earlier.

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